Dear followers, on a result of 2017, in a year I gave you 1054 signals, from them 362 (34,3%) were closed on SL, 692 (65,7%) closed on TP'

- who opened only 1 transaction for TP1, profit on pips made +30190
- who opened 2 transactions, only for the second transaction got profit of +39037 pips,
- the loss made-22166 pips,
- if opened 2 transactions on TP1 and on TP2, the loss will be 2 times more, but also we will be to get profit on TP2' +24895 pips.

We worked with 24 assets, from them the most profitable this year were XAU/USD (5700 pips), USD/CAD (4296 pips), EUR/USD (3070 pips), USD/JPY (2416 pips), GBP/USD (2240 pips) and XAG/USD (2095 pips), and the most unprofitable' GBP/AUD (-1440 pips), EUR/JPY (-474 pips) and EUR/GBP (400 pips):

Trade on signals in 2018, earn with us.......))))
THANKS to all, we will try to earn more in 2018.... Happy New Year