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Nicholas Dumfleet, a trader, shares his advice with a 10-fold increase in the deposit to $ 1.2 million.

Nicholas Dumfleet from Boston became widely known in narrow circles in 2004, when for a year he was able to increase 10 times the initial capital. Nicholas became the owner of 1 240 000 US dollars.

- Nicholas, how did you find out about Forex?

"Oh, it's a long story." I was still in college. My best friend, Jim Burton, introduced me to Forex, we as mathematicians were wondering if there was a quick payout scheme. I then still promised that if I get rich, I'll put him a beer every weekend (laughs). Now you have to keep your promise.

- What attracted you to Forex?

- Forex Analyst! I'm a mathematician by education. I have always been interested in these graphs, the search for patterns in complex mathematical systems. I was young and thought that someday I would be able to calculate and find the ideal scheme of a quick win.

- Well, is there this laughter? Share with the readers a secret?

- No, such a scheme, unfortunately not. The market is changeable, you must always think and analyze a lot.

- Are you satisfied with sudden wealth?

"Oh no, it's so sudden. This is the result of a long six years.

- So before you were unlucky?

- Luck is not applicable to the Forex market. Here, after a sudden success, a fall always follows. Three years ago, I once a month won $ 100,000, but after so quickly let them down, and almost got into debt.

- Do you have advice for our readers how to avoid such situations?

- Yes, do not give in to emotions, success inspires, but makes you forget about caution. I then decided that here it is my high point that I will soon be rich. And he believed in himself, stopped doubting. The exchange does not forgive such errors.

- Uncover the secret, how did you manage to get rich?

- Pair EUR / USD (smiling). The player must follow not only the market. But also for the events in the world, for trends. Anyone who can calculate the trend will receive money. The US dollar was falling, the Euro was growing steadily. Many thought it was temporary, I did not, and won.

- Can you give a couple of tips to our readers?

- Yes, of course, here's what I can advise Forexers for beginners. First, be careful. I now see a lot of people who have learned about the Forex market and risked more than they can afford in the hope of a quick win. Do not hurry. Learn and understand. Let Forex first become a small profitable hobby, and only then a business.